Play Sext Adventure for $5.00

You Need To Be Over 18 To Play This.

Its very NSFW.

How To Play

Sext Adventure is a texing adventure game you play on your phone! To play, please purchase an access code for $5.00(cnd). Your code will be good for 24 hours of play time. After that, you'll have to purchase a new code if you wish to play longer.

Text the code to the number given and you should receive the start message. Then you can text back anything you want that includes the capitalized letters to choose that path. Don't worry, you don't have to capitalize the replies you send.

When your time runs out, if you buy a new code, your session will start at the last text you were left at.

Wait...why is it timed?

Because of the nature of this game (texting / real time), this was the best way to do it. Texting is a transaction that costs us money. We figured 24 hours was enough to get some good endings and do some exploring and sharing. If you'd like to play longer, you can always get another code and re-start your session.

Do you take paypal?

Nope, sorry. We only take credit card payments with Stripe.

What did you make this in?

Sext Adventure was made using the service Twilio, an engine written in Python, and some elbow grease.

Who made this?

The Sext Adventure narrative was created, and written by Kara Stone. The engine (txtr), and game mechanics were created, and developed by Nadine Lessio

This is super rad! I have some questions, can I get in touch with you about it?

Sure. You can send an email.

I found an error, or I'm having trouble. Who can I contact?

If you are having issues, please send an email and we'll figure out what to do.


By playing this game you realize that you will be receiving messages and images that contain explicit content. All our participants have given their consent to use images and are legal adults. This game is very NSFW, so play it wisely. Also this is a work of artsy fartsy fiction.